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Acquisition 66 and you can a special Point in time [ ]

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Acquisition 66 and you can a special Point in time [ ]

Behind-the-scenes [ ]

  • Kol Kerz-Tak’s reputation will be based upon the brand new for the video game Superstar Conflicts:Clone Conflicts Activities. Many facts in the games was equivalent, but the latest Zabrak part. Kol was going to be used while the a human. Afterr chnaging in order to an effective Zabrak, Kol was was once a good Sith Lord, but shortly after a difference away from records, We put Kol while the a Jedi.
  • The story would depend on the timeline just before and you will throughout Duplicate Conflicts. The new later on pieces is actually built at the time ages of Buy 66, as the and the Celebrity Battles films of Event IV:A new HopeEpisode V: The fresh new Empire Effects Straight back, and you will Episode VI:Go back of your own Jedi. I do not fits so you’re able to much, to own to not ever ruin the original chronological date series.
  • Leftover 50 % of Kol will be based upon the brand new comics, and therefore settle that point period, while the various parts are low-canon on the original events, merely point complete is actually that we extra myself so you’re able to it.
  • Kol orginal name was set-to become Droks Tri-Dak, however, once i think it is seemed kinda lame we altered it.
  • One of the primary Kol deal with patterns choice employed for Clay
  • Inside a mistake accident, https://datingranking.net/it/siti-di-incontri-per-animali-domestici/ on Ahsoka Ce robes since the Kol, though the guy uses Kashyyyk Jedi Robes (apparently Obi-Wan’s Kashyyyk robes).
  • On part Spirit Hands, Kol can be seen wielding brand new Old Emri Jedi knife, in place of other Dahgee Document:Bigmistake.jpg

Prelude to find 66 [ ]

Whenever Buy 66 was issued, Kol got it if you find yourself becoming for the Felucia off clones in their squad just who acquired the order. Impression brand new fatalities of numerous Jedi Padawans, Knights and you may Gurus, the guy decided to go to confront new clones along with his lightsabers already ignited, where his troopers turned-on your and you will discharged, however, he deflected most of the great time eliminating them. Impression one to Ahsoka was a student in possibilities, he ran so you’re able to the woman. Through to to arrive, the guy spotted Ahsoka aside numbered of the clones and you will incapable of deviate the bursts. The guy arrived in big date

====Next Skirmish toward Mustafar====:”As to why? Why must you are doing so it?”:”You deceived the fresh faith my loved ones had to you, the to have fuel? Its not best! The new dark has never been the right path.”:”Yes it is, and you can Buy 66 is the better question actually ever, as soon as the newest Jedi try completely destroyed, I’m able to rejoice, however with the dying, I know the fresh new Emperor would be happy”:”Acquisition 66 is nothing however, a form of doomsday to the Jedi. The transaction will never totally become accomplished Fio, many of us tend to survive and look to revive the fresh Republic.:”You will not real time. You happen to be one of the several Jedi to fall in the that it buy Kol, my personal old pal.:”We will come across just who falls. Fio”-Kol and you can Fio toward Mustafar during their duel

appear, to own a beneficial “‘meeting”. Kol was unacquainted with this new duel anywhere between Anakin and you can Obi-Wan hence happened ahead of his arrival into the firey planet. Which have declined help from Aria, and Ahsoka, Kol visited Mustafar in which he was confronted with a familiar deal with. Up on fulfilling the figure, Kol acknowledged it absolutely was Fio, not familiar to Kol himself, Fio is the one who perpetrated his mothers death. Disgusted by using it Kol experienced Fio into the as to why he registered the fresh new ebony top, where conflict carry out get into a life-threatening duel. During the duel, both spoke rubbish to one another if you’re Fio continuously talked trash and just how Order 66 try a stunning procedure. Climbing up the fresh new volatile mining cutting-edge to the Mustafar. Given that duel intense the fresh mining towers began to failure because of Kol’s electricity showing are immense hatred having Fio whom deceived their household members decades prior to. Regardless of if

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